20th Reunion - a bunch of 38 year old 'kids'
20th Reunion - a bunch of 38 year old "kids"

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Daria Nosser (Hood)
May 10, 1952 Retail Married 1
so excited about the 40th reunion!!!!! can't wait to see everybody, so great!!!!! Send Daria a MessageSend Daria a Message
Carol Shamburger (Horn)
July 28, 1953 Director of Cardiovascular Services carol.horn@riverregion.com Widowed 1
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David Hoxie
Profile picture
December 25, 1949 retired layout designer Married 1
I don't have an old photo in digital form. 'been working on my container cabin down on the old place and loafing at home in Memphis. Visit the grand kids when I can. 765 miles is not a weekend trip to drive. Send David a MessageSend David a Message
Glenn Daniel Hoxie
December 25, 1949 retired Married 2
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Renee Antoine (Jardon)
March 24, 1951 Educator Married 4
I have been in Orlando for over 23 years now.  My son, Adam, is in LA.  He just received his MS in sound design.  My son, Micah, is in Orlando working for an entertainment marketing company.  I have two stepdaughters.  Julie has two children, Jaimie, 9, and Easton, 7.  Wendy also has two children, Taggart, 5, and Maggie 2.  Send Renee  a MessageSend Renee a Message
Dinnie Kelly (Johnston)
Librarian Married 3
Great Website! All the pictures bring back happy memories. Send Dinnie a MessageSend Dinnie a Message
David Jones
Counselor in Private Practice Married 2
I have a private practice of counseling in Jackson. My wife, Lori Fulton, is an ob/gyn and we work together. My oldest daughter, Natalie, works in Memphis and is getting married in November. My youngest daughter, Emily, will be starting graduate school at Ole Miss in ancient art history this Fall. We've just moved to the country and are loving it. I would love to hear from everyone. Send David a MessageSend David a Message
Cheryl Reed (Joseph)
August 07, 1951 Retired from State/Work parttime ERDC Single 2
I have 2 girls they live in Texas
I have 3 grandchildren
Hope to see you soon
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Dennis Joseph
Michelin CRS/BSE Married 2
Married to the lovely and ageless Patsy Richardson (HVC Class of 1971) [should be noted that not only does the memory go at our age - so does the eyesight! {also note that she is standing over me as I write this message}]. Three grandchildren and 2 grandpups. Send Dennis a MessageSend Dennis a Message
George Joy
December 27, 1950 shift operator IP Divorced 1
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