20th Reunion - a bunch of 38 year old 'kids'
20th Reunion - a bunch of 38 year old "kids"

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Libby Scruggs (Hartfield)
November 10, 1950 Retired museum director Married 1
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Kathleen Mitchell (Haskins)
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August 18, 1952 Retired Travel Agent Married 2
My husband Jerry and I have been married 28 years. He is an Engineer, now retired, from ERDC. Even though we had no children together, we do share a grandson, the child of my daughter, Katie. Over the years our family has grown by two granddaughters and another grandson. The children of his son and daughter. We enjoy walking together for exercise, gardening, managing the menagerie of pets and wildlife in our backyard and visiting with those grandchildren as much as possible. We hope to travel some in the future, but are happy and contented with life as it is now. Send Kathleen a MessageSend Kathleen a Message
Catherine "Cathy" Fry (Hay)
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retired book publisher Married
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Susie Harmon (Hays)
October 21, 1952 CSR BanCorp South Married 2
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Ed Hazzlerigg
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Director of Technical Services PM www.avwtelav.com/design_gallery/ Married 2
So sorry we could not make the reunion. I wish everyone the best and God's speed. Kindest Regards, Ed Hazzlerigg Send Ed a MessageSend Ed a Message
Denise Heard
December 08, 1952 Fitness Trainer Married 2
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Claudia Hoffman
October 09, 1952 Director, U.S. Books Production, Sage Single Again
If you find yourself traveling the Ventura Highway, give a shout out. I've lost none of my affection for the class of 69-70-71. Hope you see you at the next reunion!
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Roger Holdiness
May 07, 1951 Safety Manager Married 2
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John Holliday
Realtor / Real Estate Appraiser www.ERAGulfRealty.com Married 3
We (Lana & I) thoroughly enjoyed the 35th reunion. Job well done by all involved. Thank you. Have been in the real estate business for almost 30 years. Jennifer finished at MSU/marketing in 2003 & lives in Dallas. Whitney is a freshman Stennis Scholar at MSU & Alyson is a Freshman at Gulfport High. Post "Katrina" we are in the recovery and rebuilding business. Just about everything was slammed or flooded. We are blessed with people helping the Coast rebuild from everywhere. Hope to see everyone at the next reunion. Send John a MessageSend John a Message
Betty Murphy (Holtschneider)
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Retired Married 4

Retired from civil service in 2007.  Currently living
in Germany again.  10th year to live overseas, must
be addictive.  Will be here another 2 to 3 years. 

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