20th Reunion - a bunch of 38 year old 'kids'
20th Reunion - a bunch of 38 year old "kids"

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Jamie Foshee
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Sheila Everett (Franco)
April 03, 1952 Realty Specialist - Corps of Engineers Married 2
Hello Everyone!  Looking forward to the reunion and seeing classmates after all these years - Still living and working in Vicksburg for the Corps of Engineers as a realty specialist (37+ years); married to Sammy, who works at ERDC as a computer scientist, and we have 2 children, Lee (31) and Casey (29).  Casey is married, working for Eli Lilly, and living in Savannah.  Lee is still a bachelor, has his PhD, and is teaching at VCU and living in Richmond, VA.  Hope everyone is healthy, happy, and doing well - Take care and we will see you soon!  Sheila Send Sheila a MessageSend Sheila a Message
Michael Gallaway
Owner, Printables and More, LLC printablesandmore.com Married 2
3 grandchildren and another on the way. Great idea with the web site. I look forward to checking in from time to time. Send Michael a MessageSend Michael a Message
Debbie Debbie Mitchell (Gamblin)
December 08, 1953 Small business owner Married
 My husband, Rick, and I have been married 27 years.  I have owned Pet Patrol, Inc. for 23 years.  It is a pet sitting service.  We have no 2 legged kids, but we do have 17 dogs, 14 cats and 2 birds.  All are rescues.  We have the ultimate "Animal House".   Rick's 40th Murrah (damn Mustangs) reunion is the same weekend as ours.  Hopefully, I will make it Sat night, unfortunately, stag. Send Debbie a MessageSend Debbie a Message
Joe Gammon
Director, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Married 6
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Walter Grace
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CEO - Baptist Memorial Hospital Www.baptistonline.org Married 3
I think fondly of our times at HV Cooper High.  Send Walter a MessageSend Walter a Message
Sandy Lorance (Grayson)
February 23, 1952 Landscape Designer Married 2
Jimmy and I continue to enjoy the Texas life and working together in our landscape business. We have 2 grandchildren that have turned us into babling idiots and we love it.

A big thank you to Carol, David, Natalie and all involved in our class reunions and this great web site. Your hard work is greatly appreciated.
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Len Grice
February 08, 1951 Kept Man Married 2
Looking forward to the July 2015 reunijon. I appreciate all the work that many have put in to make this happen. Just so excited to be "coming home." It has been much too long since I have been back. . .and looking forward to "reconnecting" with so many of my classmates from long years past! Send Len a MessageSend Len a Message
MaryBeth Grogan (Grogan-White)
November 16, 1952 high school teacher-retired end of 2009-10 schol yr. Married

It was great seeing everyone at our 40th reunion.  Those that did not make it surely need to come to the next one(hopefully it will be in a few yrs.)
Stay in touch with us on the website and keep your ph.#s and addresses current.  Continue to be young, foolish and happy. I hope to enjoy retired life some this year!!!  We will still  have our reunion mts. at Carol's and have fun talking about everyone and visiting.

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Michael Harden
November 23, 1952 Civil Engineer Married 2
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