20th Reunion - a bunch of 38 year old 'kids'
20th Reunion - a bunch of 38 year old "kids"

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Dannie Craig
December 30, 1952 Married 2
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Jean Middleton (Cuevas)
April 23, 1951 Retired Married
I am a retired computer geek.  Worked for the Corps of Engineers for 30 + years.  Have a great husband and am looking forward to traveling.
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Diane Schmitt (Cullen)
August 15, 1952 Retired Widowed 3
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Richard Dai
August 04, 1951 gastroenterologist Married 2
It is so nice to hear from y'all.Since I lost my year book, I am havng trouble connecting names with pictures. If somebody can send me a  zeroxed copy of our old yearbook's pictures I will be deeply appreciated. Send Richard a MessageSend Richard a Message
John Howard Dennis
October 24, 1951 Electronics Tech. and Guitar chillband.com Single
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Beth Selby (Drown)
September 13, 1952 Rehired annuitant for Social Security Married 1
It appears most of the comments are from 5 years ago, which was a blast!!! We are looking forward to this (cinge slightly) 40th reunion. Can't wait to see everyone. Love to all, especially our wonderful committee.  Send Beth a MessageSend Beth a Message
Michael Ellis
Electronics Engineer www.mellis.net Married 3
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Tupper Jones (England)
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March 08, 1952 Retired illustrator Married 2
  Charlie and I have been married for 24 years.   We live on a grass airstrip outside of Pocahontas and spend as much time as we can up in the air.  :)
I have two children and we have three beautiful granddaughters.
Thanks to everyone who put the website together!
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Ron Feder
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June 07, 1951 retired attorney/beatnik story teller of lies and superheated truths Married 2

Sorry for intruding...I'm not even in your class, but no one in '69 knows how to create a website, Maximum Kudos to Roselle.  Briefly, I am a comfortably retired, and yet unindicted trial lawyer and AF Reserve Colonel. Went through Katrina in 2005 and did time in Baghdad in 2006 (I was the "surge" and decider on issues of personal liberty for distant cousins of a few of my '69 classmates...more on that later).  Peace be with y'all and hope to see you in June. For a good "then" photo, see Carol Bonelli.  GO, CAROL, GO!

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Ruth Fisher
May 16, 1953
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