20th Reunion - a bunch of 38 year old 'kids'
20th Reunion - a bunch of 38 year old "kids"

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William Walker
February 02, 1952 Lighting Products Engineer/Cooper Industries Married 6
LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING EVERYONE THIS YEAR. Send William a MessageSend William a Message
Marcia Robertson (Wallace)
Profile picture
Profile picture
Lady of Leisure Married 1
Carl and I had an awesome time at the reunion. It was great to see everyone and party with you all again. The Band was super, it is good to see that the old guys can still rock. Thanks Natalie and David for opening your homes to us and David for the website. I have had such a good time reading about everyone. Thanks to the committee for all the planning and work. Looking forward to the next one. Carl and I have been married for 34 years and have one daughter. No grandchildren but 3 grand dogs and one grand cat. Carl is still bringing home the bacon I am still spending it. "It don't get better than this!" Send Marcia a MessageSend Marcia a Message
Silvio Wille
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March 23, 1952 consultant, lecturer, writer projexpert.com.br Married 3
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Brenda Williams
October 04, 1953
Jimmy Winstead
commercial photographer creativity21.photofolio.com Single
What can one say about the people he grew up with? I literally cried at the 30th reunion, surrounded by F.H. Buchanan and David Roselle and their wives. I don't know what happens to me when i am in the presence of people who have had such an impact on my life. I become melancholy and frustrated that i could never in such a short time relate to each of my class members just how much i love them. I think it is impossible to do so. Randy Wright for instance. My love for him runs deep, as well as David Roselle, F.H. Buchanan, Johnny Owen, Mickey Mitchell, Carl Nyman, Othea Vancleave, Johnny Holliday, Michael Harden, Tommy Raines, Clift Odom, Bob Penley, Jimmy Grisham, Sally Waring, Bonnie Waring, Beth Selby, Daria Nosser, Carol Bonelli, Debra Hall, Natalie Waring, Peggy Hooper, Hugh Rigby, William Walker. Lynn Campbell(who incidently i failed to recognize in 2000 and i'm sure she hates me now). These are all people that i never see, ever and yet the magic somehow still prevails. I Love You All. Send Jimmy a MessageSend Jimmy a Message
Karen Rogers (Wood)
September 11, 1952 Retired - US Army Corps of Engineers Married 3
Hi Ya'll.  Long Time No See!  Lucky for all of you that I don't have a current photo.  Dennis and I have three great daughters, 2 are married and the youngest is getting married on July 31st.  We are also the proud grandparents to 3 beautiful grandaughters, and 1 super grandson.  Life has been good overall and we are coping with my Muptiple Scelerosis.  Dennis is my best supporter.   He teaches law enforcement part time and I hope he will be in town for the big event.  Love You All and I REALLY miss my classmates.  Send Karen a MessageSend Karen a Message
Elizabeth Smelley (Wright)
May 20, 1952 Teacher/Elementary Music Married
I can't wait to see everyone in June. I've made it to all but the 25th and each reunion gets better and even more fun. Many thanks to all the great planners!  I continue to live in Huntsville, AL with my wonderful husband of 24 years and we are both enjoying the "retired life". However, we are still incredibly busy ...but only doing the things we love. I am still very involved in music and am active with several community theater groups. Kent is a Civil War history buff and lectures on naval history.......he is always so happy to come back home to Vicksburg and roam the Park!  I'm looking forward to a great get-together with lots of old and dear friends.
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Randy Wright
January 21, 1952 Restaurant owner Married
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Rhonda Thomas (Wright)
April 20, 1952 Restaurant owner Married 2
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