20th Reunion - a bunch of 38 year old 'kids'
20th Reunion - a bunch of 38 year old "kids"

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Crofton Sloan
June 27, 1952 Research Horticulturist Married 6
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Bille Barner (Smith)
November 10, 1953 EEO Specialist Married 1
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John Starnes
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November 11, 1951 computer/ Telecomunication/bio med repair Single Again 1

They say a person is measured by how far they excel in work or business. In my case it was threw experances with people and places. They don't change only the costoms of that part of the world. Threw my 12 years in the NAVY I have been about two thirds around the world. And when I left the NAVY. I went back to school in 1984. And grad with a double associate degrees in computer repair and tele-commutation repair and this was before Windows when computer repair was componet by componet OLD SCHOOL. Then at the age of 58 I went back to college and achived my third degree in bio-medical tec. MY POINT AND MESSAGE TO ALL THIS INFORMATION IS: you can achive anythink you want if your willing to work for it there is no limit to how far you can go! { and this from a high school kid with D's and F's on report card.} So aim for those stars and make it happen. See you at the next reunion God willing.

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Robert Sumrall
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Retired Single Again 1
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Shirley Ellison (Tracy-White)
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January 16, 1952 Retired-Graphic Artist, Hospital Business Office Married 2
OMG! I barely remember anybody! No offense....
I think I was in my own little world under the radar.
I DO remember being in the choir, which I enjoyed.
I graduated from USM in Hattiesburg, where I met my late husband, Richard Tracy. For awhile, we lived in Memphis, where I did graphic arts, and we had our first daughter, Wren Yvonne. A registered nuclear medicine/ultrasound technologist, Richard was recruited by a small hospital in Southern California, where my younger daughter, Terra Danielle, was born. We lived happily, got into mountain biking, and I continued drawing, did some hospital work, then quit to wrangle my teen girls and their friends.
Around 1983, I was diagnosed with  generalized anxiety/ bi-polar disorder. No wonder I was always so weird! Took awhile to get that under control, but as a result, I learned about myself and how to live with my condition. Thank goodness for therapy, because......
On November 11, 2003, our lean, seemingly healthy Richard had a sudden heart attack and passed away on the 13th at age 53. After 18 happy years, my daughters and I had our world turned upside down. A year later, in November, I moved up to the Bay Area to be with Wren and her husband, and joined later by Terra. I worked at a bead shop, continued to draw at a local pub,volunteered at a wild animal rehab, and realized I'd never be able to afford a house in Marin County.  SO-o-o........
In November I moved back. (My reaction to Nov. now is very similar to the squirrel's in the movie Ice Age!)
I met my new "husband" at The World in Delta, while doing my Wed. night drawing gig. I think Steve is Richard's "outlaw twin"---I did a double-take when I realized how similar they are.
We are a great team, were meant to be, and I hope you all get to meet him. He is a finish carpenter/cabinetmaker and painter, refinishes antiques, makes copper jewelry, and keeps me somewhat sane. I am trying my hand at writing, dabble with mixed media art, have a blast with digital photography, and do my sketching on Wed. nights at the World. I like JackFM and MPB radio.
I am SO looking forward to the reunion! I didn't get to make it to the last one, and Carol has done a great job getting the website and the event together.
Shirley Tracy-White
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Othea Van Cleave
Firefighter Married 3
Even though I left Mississippi 36 (WOW) years ago, Ms. has never left me and neither have the memories of attending H.V. Cooper. I'm still married to my lovely bride of 32 years and we have spawned 2 girls and a son and now have a beautiful 6 month old female tadpole named Aubrey. I'm still fighting fires and pulling people outs of wrecks and loving every shift I work. I'm writing some and will soon have a book published, hopefully by the Fall. I also do a little singing on the side. Marilynn is out of vacation time and will not be able to make it, but she does exist. However, I will be there and looking forward to cutting up a whole lot since she won't be there for me to shame her. I will have my golf clubs just in case. See ya'll Friday the 5th. I'm still Young and Foolish, so we might as well Be Happy. Let's gitter dun!! Van Send Othea a MessageSend Othea a Message
Mark Van Devender
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Retired Married 5
Looking forward to July 24 & 25.  Can't believe it's been 45 years.  Time flies when you're having fun.
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Debbe Melsheimer (Waggener )
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June 28, 1952 Married 2
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Bonnie Waring (Walker)
School Psychometrist Married 4
Johnny and I have lived in Greenwood for 29 years which is longer than I ever lived in Vicksburg, but I still consider Vicksburg "home". Both parents are gone now, but my brother Richard still lives in Vicksburg. So we still get back home to visit them sometimes. We have 4 great kids, two boys and two girls. The oldest is finally out of school, and the other three are still in college. I work for the Greenwood Public Schools, and I guess I won't be able to retire until we finish paying tuition somewhere. Johnny is a physical therapist in a private practice here. Loved seeing everybody at the reunion. I had a GREAT TIME! I'm not very good with the computer, and I don't know how to "upload" . When I figure it out, I'll send some pictures. Send Bonnie a MessageSend Bonnie a Message
William Walker
February 02, 1952 Lighting Products Engineer/Cooper Industries Married 6
LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING EVERYONE THIS YEAR. Send William a MessageSend William a Message
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