20th Reunion - a bunch of 38 year old 'kids'
20th Reunion - a bunch of 38 year old "kids"

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John Abney
July 02, 1951 Catfish and Rowcrop Farming Married 3
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Connie Forsythe (Abraham)
Hogan Allen
Profile picture
Profile picture
September 07, 1953 CPA hallenassociates.com Single Again 2
Actually class of "Sin, Sex, Whiskey, Fun".

The June 2010 reunion was grand! Thanks to all who worked so hard for its success. We missed those that couldn't come!
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Bill Atkinson
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Director of Care and Prayer Married 2
This is a great website. I currently live in Tampa, FL with my wife Judy. Our daughter and her husband live in Nashville and our son is a sophomore at FSU-Tallahassee. I left PricewaterhouseCoopers/IBM after 17+ years and am now working full-time at our church here in Tampa. I give leadership to all of our Care and Prayer ministries as well as function as the care minister. This includes pastoral care for a congregation of about 2,000 and handling weddings/funerals etc. I had hoped to make the reunion this year but my daughter is graduating from Vanderbilt with a nurse practitioner degree that same weekend. I will upload a photo of my family. My wife Judy is sitting. My daughter Catherine and her husband Greg are on the left and my son Jonathan is in front of me next to Judy. I look forward to seeing everyone's photos. I will look for my yearbook to get a Then photo. Send Bill a MessageSend Bill a Message
Natalie Waring (Bailess)
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August 08, 1952 housewife Married 3
Bobby and I are looking forward to the reunion!!!!

Can't wait!!!  The last one was great and I know with all three classes-- it will be  even better!!!! 
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Ann (Annie) Childs (Bailey)
retired civil service (Social Security) Married
Enjoyed reading the comments for the 40th reunion...sorry couldn't make it; came to the 35th.. was out of town for 40th...glad to see names w/faces this time around..had to take out yearbook to compare....don't know how yet to upload 'now' and 'then' pics...will have to have hubby's help!! when I do, will update.. semi-retired now, live in Panama City Fl since 1999..so far, our beaches have no oil....at least not as of 06/30/2010!!!!!! Send Ann (Annie) a MessageSend Ann (Annie) a Message
Nancy Butler (Bailey)
November 03, 1952 Retired Married 3
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Martin Bittick
Retired / Now tuning pianos jacksonpianotuning.com Married 3

I don’t know why I’m listed as a student of the class.  Although I think I did learn more from the students than I ever taught.


Retirement is great.  My only involvement with music now is tuning pianos.  I am still married to the same girl.. (Dot)  and have 6 grand children.  I am playing more golf (more, not better) and enjoying life.


This site is tremendous. Someone did a great job.


Martin Bittick

Choral Music (1964-1970)

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Carol Bonelli
Physical Therapist Single
I have enjoyed working on the class reunion. We have a lot of fun at our meetings and even find time to squeeze in a little work. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone. Send Carol a MessageSend Carol a Message
David Boolos
August 08, 1952 ACCOUNTANT Married 2
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