1) What teacher disapproved of using the adjective "nice"?
Mary Geddings
Gerald Latham
Cecilia Aarons
Ralph Mason
2) What teacher drove a cream colored Carmen Ghia?
Gerald Latham
Bob Bain
Emma Flautt Crisler
Polly Tillman

3) What was the school janitor's name?
4) Who was "Mr. Man"?
Cafeteria manager
School bus driver
Stadium janitor

5) What was our senior year musical?
Amahl and the Night Visitors
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
Jesus Christ Superstar
6) What was the title of our yearbook?
Green Years
Green Scenes
Green Dreams
Purple Haze

7) What teacher, as a child, modeled underwear for the Sears catalog?
Jayne Geoffrey
Nancy Easley
Gerald Latham
Diana Monsour
8) What teacher displayed the most cleavage?
Jayne Geoffrey
Jamie Foshee
Nancy Easley
Polly Tillman

9) What was the Kitchen in the Garden?
vegetarian eatery
shop specializing in herb tea
hangout the would sell beer to minors
10) Who was "Ironhand"?
Freddie Hutton
Tommy Stanford
Joe Loviza
Melvin Jackson

11) What was the name of the school paper?
The Teetotaler
The Tattler
The Enquirer
Rolling Stone
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